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Academic Success (Ofsted)

In order for change to be sustainable and have a lasting positive impact on the outcomes and reputation of the school, some actions will need time to be established and embedded, whilst others will be easier to change quickly. You will notice some obvious changes straight away (let us know if and where you see these) whilst other changes will be less visible immediately but will be having an impact in a long term way.

See below for further detail on our Ofsted report and Department of Education School Performance tables.

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Barton Clough Primary latest KS2 attainment and progress data (2019)

Barton Clough Primary 2018National 2018Barton Clough Primary 2019 National 2019
% of pupils achieving expected in READING                      77%75%50%73%
% of pupils achieving expected in WRITING67%78%64%78%
% of pupils achieving expected in MATHS70%76%64%79%
% of pupils achieving expected in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)60%78%36%78%
% of pupils achieving expected in READING, WRITING and MATHS combined57%64%45%65%
Average progress in READING (from KS1 to KS2)1.300.080
Average progress in WRITING (from KS1 to KS2)-0.701.690
Average progress in MATHS (from KS1 to KS2)-0.601.400
% of pupils achieving high level in READING (scaled score of 110 or above)27%28%14%27%
% of pupils achieving high level in WRITING (scaled score of 110 or above)10%20%14%20%
% of pupils achieving high level in MATHS (scaled score of 110 or above)17%24%9%27%
% of pupils achieving high level in Grammar, Punctuation and spelling (GPS) (scaled score of 110 or above)20%34%18%36%
Average scaled score in READING10610598104
Average scaled score in MATHS103104.4101105
Average scaled score in GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION and SPELLING (GPS)10310699106
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