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The Outcome – To create Critical and responsible online citizens.

What will our Computer Scientist be able to do when they leave Barton Clough?

At Barton Clough, we understand the responsibility that we have to raise pupils who are confident, creative and responsible users of technology; preparing and equipping them for a future in a world of technology that does not yet exist. Our pupils will understand the impact of their ‘digital footprint’ and will become digitally literate, active participants in a digital world. They will understand how to use the internet and technology safely; minimising risk to both themselves and others.

Our children will have had repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve problems, including logic & algorithms. They will have the ability to ask and answer questions through collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information.

Ultimately, they will have a clear understanding of how digital networks work and the services they provide. This will enable them to use search options effectively whilst understanding the need to evaluate the relevance of content. The children will be respectful, responsible and competent digital citizens; they will have the knowledge to support themselves and others online.

To see our Computing overview please click the link below.

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