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Our Curriculum:

Our KS1 SSC provision revolves around a balance of continuous provision experiences, 1:1 focused activities, small group activities and some formal whole class learning sessions. Acorn class has continuous provision areas that are similar to those found in the Early Years classroom allowing children to explore, investigate and communicate within their learning experiences alongside their peers. Our SSC staff use these areas to model skills, extend learning and develop social skills, vocabulary and language.

As children move into our KS2 SSC provision, the classroom becomes more formal with a heavy focus on the children becoming independent learners and working in small groups supported by a member of our SSC staff.

Our SSC provision teaches the same and full national curriculum lessons and expectations of our mainstream classes. This includes subjects such as Maths, English, Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting, Science, PSHE, RE, PE, History, Geography, Art and DT. However the way these lesson are presented and taught differ from the mainstream classes and are more personalised.

In both SSC classes we focus heavily on preparing our pupils and ‘getting them ready to learn.’ We focus on developing listening, attention, concentration and communication skills as we recognise that our pupils need to develop this before they can effectively engage in learning groups and become independent learners. We also provide daily opportunities to revisit skills as we find a lot of our pupils struggle with their memory and processing information.

Communication and speaking and listening sessions are built into both specific sessions as well as being a part of our daily routines in our SSC provisions. We feel it is important that our children are able to express their needs, ask for help, share their ideas and reflect on their learning and opinions. Our pupils are exposed to situations that will enable them to develop these skills on a daily basis.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Barton Clough Primary School
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