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About Us

Welcome to Barton Clough Primary School, part of Bright Futures Educational Trust.

Barton Clough Primary School is an inclusive school situated in Stretford with a strong, caring, pastoral structure which underpins an excellent curriculum. We seek to develop the potential of every child in all areas. Staff care for the children and are skilled in planning to meet their individual needs, both personally and academically. We believe that building good relationships is the key to success and the children and staff are encouraged to work together to ensure everyone feels cared for, valued and happy – supported by parents and the governing board. Older children are encouraged to take on responsibility around school and be good examples for our younger children, including working as prefects and reading buddies.

Our curriculum is based on developing a high standard of English and maths skills which can be transferred to other areas of the curriculum. High academic achievement and creative development are valued at all stages, with staff providing memorable learning, challenge, engagement, inspiration and fun.

Learning is celebrated in all its forms and children are encouraged to take risks and be brave, positive and determined in order to thrive, both inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout their time at Barton Clough, all pupils benefit from an on-site Forest School, with dedicated Forest School teacher. In addition, we have 2 Small Specialist Classes (SSC’s), supporting pupils with additional needs to access a high-quality education.

Our aim is that all children leave Barton Clough Primary School believing in themselves, having the skills to support others and striving to reach their full potential.

At Barton Clough we offer our children the very best start in their education. Please contact us for a tour of the school on Audley Avenue in Stretford and see our wonderful school in action.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Barton Clough Primary School
Audley Avenue, Stretford
Manchester M32 9TG