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Parent Voice on Remote Learning

January 2021

Q1. Are you happy with our remote learning offer?

46 responses

  • Yes – 45/49 – 92%
  • No – 4/49 – 8%

Q2. To support your answer, please could you leave a comment below. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • I am happy with remote learning, extremely happier teachers are uploading videos in the morning for children feels like much more interaction. Thank you for all your hard work
  • The video’s teachers have provided via class dojo’s have been extremely useful! My daughter is able to watch them to support her understanding of the tasks, which has been beneficial for me as I work from home and can’t always support her with some of the tasks.
  • The teachers have been so supportive. Nothing is too much, always on hand to help. The workload is manageable and engaging for the children. The teachers have provided good easy to understand communication to the children and are quick to respond to any questions and offer any tips to improve there understanding or level of work.
  • The way the school have handled this yet again has been brilliant! The resources they have and are providing has made home schooling that bit more easier. No complaints at all!
  • Daily work set relevant to child’s classroom tasks but could offer more online tasks as most parents don’t have access to additional printing equipment
  • All teachers are doing very hardwork to support the parents during this critical time
  • The work content is well put together per subject and teacher communication is prompt too.
  • Very good job you are doing
  • I am happy with the learning that is being offered. Being able to pick up learning packs will make life a lot easier though as it is taking a lot of time to print and organise work in the morning before we can get started. (We have multiple children) well done to all the teachers for their hard work in this difficult time.
  • My son has found it easy to navigate his learning, the teachers are always at hand if I have any issue or questions the teachers/school are doing amazing. Thank you
  • Absolutely brilliant, video explanations for each subject, pdf files to print off to complete and messages answered very quickly. The school have kept us updated with any changes and are continually striving to make the children’s learning better despite these difficult circumstances.
  • As a parents I’m really pleased about the remote learning my children are enjoying doing their homework and using the reading application and I want to say a big thank you to all the staff of Barton Clough primary school especially in this very difficult time
  • Plenty of work being set
  • All work is set according to year levels accurately and on time and the teachers are always here to support is if we need it so huge well done
  • I appreciate to all the Barton Clough staff.
  • Yes we are happy, kids are busy with studies, don’t feel there missing any studies, but online live classes might help them more.
  • Plenty of lesson content provided every day, fantastic support from teachers.
  • Happy with the service so far , it can only getter better and better
  • Varied work – plenty to go at on a daily basis, good mix of core subjects with some fun activities
  • Work is easy for the children to access and complete
  • Although my child won’t access it at home the work is very good and I am impressed with the work put in.
  • Working better with the videos the teachers post on how to do the work. Thank you 😀
  • I am happy, it has been a good amount of work every day.
  • A reasonable amount of work is set, supported by teacher videos
  • Work is put on every morning and feedback given
  • Given the short notice I feel the school have done well. The addition to videos on Class Dojo have been great and we are looking forward to Google Classroom. I would maybe suggest a reference section on Dojo or GC where parents can print off reference material to help with understanding of certain topics. I have done one at home as I have signed up to Twinkl and it’s been a huge help. I know some parents sadly won’t make that effort but my thought was if it was there it might help. But overall happy. After a few weeks we have found a work at home / home learning balance. Thanks Amy Aka Evie’s Mom – happy if you want to reach out to chat more if it’s of any use 😊
  • I want to extend on a previous comment, but it sent without me adding further information. We are happy with the content and level of work supplied, the negatives related to navigating the systems, and the practicalities. (E.g. PowerPoint/printing /passwords etc.) We do recognize the pressures and how hard staff are working to implement an effective approach that meets the varying needs of every family and child. Some of these initial stresses have now been elevated with the use of a school laptop and recently being able to receive some printed work. This has helped significantly to enable us to engage more with home:school learning.
  • Very informative
  • You set work for the day, extra tasks like reading and mindfulness.
  • Children can easily access to all the learning they need for their year group.
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