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School Council and Ambassadors

School Council Ambassadors and Mentors

School Council

At Barton Clough pupil voice is very important, we encourage and are passionate about seeing our children as leaders, introducing a school council to promote these key skills.

Our School Council gives our children a platform to have their voice heard, with an emphasis on it being run by the children for the children.

Each class has two school council representatives who discusses school issues both as a group and with their own class. The School Council meet together regularly to discuss and make decisions on any issues that arise in school.

Children are encouraged to present opinions both passionately and sensitively, with the main focus of leading others.

Recent meetings have included subjects such as how we can make everyone in school feel valued and included and how we can support mental health and wellbeing in school.

Reading Ambassadors

A key whole school focus at Barton Clough is reading. We have two ambassadors from each key stage two class who promote reading in school.

As with the school council they meet and discuss issues that arise, collect information from their classes and disseminate information back.

Their most recent project has been how to increase reading for pleasure in school. This has resulted in the purchase of a reading shed, the interior of which has been designed by children in a competition led by these ambassadors.

These ambassadors are also assisted by a team of readers from years 5 and 6 who read weekly with children needing extra reading support.

Writing Ambassadors

Alongside reading, writing is also an important focus in school. Two ambassadors from each class meet regularly, a recent project has been to write comic strips and stories to go in the new reading shed. Children of all ages entered and we now have a wealth of stories written by children for other children to read.

Art Ambassadors

There are two representatives from each class who meet to discuss art in school and run competitions. The most recent of these was to create a winter scene. The winner and runners up receiving art supplies as a prize.

Language Mentors

We have many talented bilingual children at Barton Clough. Within our school community we have 13 languages spoken.

The language mentors work with children in key stage 1 or new starters to school who may need some support they help with an introduction to school, translation, reading and much more.

The mentors speak a range of languages between them and many have experienced what it feels like to be in school when English is not your first language.

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